Kevin Cato


Style: Top 40 pop, r&B

Kevin Cato is an accomplished musician who has been making his
mark in the Toronto music scene for over 16 years. Kevin is a versatile saxophonist with a number of accolades including a 2008 GMA nomination and the Elm-Bedford prize for up and coming jazz musician. Kevin holds an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, and has worked with some of the best musicians the city has to offer. Kevin has shared the stage with artists like Mary J Blige, Men Without Hats and Guido Basso to name a few.
Kevin's latest self titled project, Cato, is heavily influenced by Kevin's background in jazz and new age music. Cato's music is geared towards uplifting audiences with positive motivational content. Prepare yourself to be captivated by a musical force like none other.
Kevin's work has been aired on Jazz FM, CIUT, CBC Radio and is now available in all online stores under the name "Cato". Kevin’s world is music, 24/7.